New Site Identity

I created this site as one of my 2021 new year’s initiatives. As someone curious, intense, and passionate, I use writing as a way of self-expression. This site evolved from my personal blog through my hopes of finding a personality for it and building a community. Thanks to the feedback of my readers and ten months of creating content, I decided to refine the site’s identity. I want to share with you why.

Before proceeding to the explanation, I’d love you to watch a short video about the dilemma of defining who we are.

If you enjoyed the video, you might realize how challenging is to navigate the paradox of the persistence of identity. That same paradox was central to the choice of the name.

Some core themes are:

  • We’re constantly growing. The new name delivers the idea of something that’s not complete.
  • We never stop learning. So even if we write in a confident tone about our opinions and knowledge, we also say that future growth might change things completely.
  • We focus on the present and on what we do. This ties to the words in-flight and project.

With this new refinement of the site’s identity, I hope to connect with writers who wish to express themselves and their expertise through words and images. So, if you love writing and have unique skills or knowledge related to the site’s mission, please contact me.

Thanks for your continued support, and let’s keep this site growing together.

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