Book Review: The Laws of Human Nature

The laws of human nature, by Robert Greene, is a masterpiece that, I believe, everyone should read. I stumbled upon this book by chance, through video recommendations on Youtube. And I decided to give it a go. In this post, I will share a summary of what the book is about and the videos for you to get the gist of the book.

The Laws of human nature tells stories about notorious people through history, like Coco Chanel or Howard Hughes. The author analyzes these stories through human nature and uses them to explain the various topics in great detail. Even though each chapter is quite long, it offers detailed explanations in non-technical terms that will help you understand yourself and others.

I have to admit that I found it hard to make progress on this book, and I haven’t yet finished it, but still, I have read enough to support my recommendation. One funny fact about it is that lately, I’ve been through changes in my life, and every chapter I read somehow connected to the situation I lived in at the moment.

To close this brief post, I leave you the two 45-minute long youtube videos that made me want to read this book intensely. Enjoy!

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