In-Flight Project

IFP is a site dedicated to sharing with the world information related to activities that make us feel passionate. Among these activities are backpacking, cycling, gardening, and cooking. In addition, this site intentionally emphasizes health and sustainability.

Sunset in Lake Aloha

Why Is this site different?

While many sites offer similar content, this one aims for neutrality and unbiased opinions. Furthermore, we support it with our financial means; this means that third parties don’t influence the content and opinions in any way.

We don’t intend to sell or convince you about anything but instead share our experience when we say neutral. It also means that we’ll not block comments from others that contradict what we post or offer a different perspective.

When we say unbiased, it means the content will not be subject to conflict of interest. We support this site with the love and the love of its followers and contributors, not by accepting money from businesses to favor their brands in any way. If we discuss brands (especially with gear), we intend to share direct first-hand experience and nothing else.

Our goal is to provide you with views and experiences you can fully trust. 

We hope you enjoy the content!

Why In-Flight?

This site’s name intends to honor the ever-evolving nature of the things we love to do. In the same way that continued execution of crafts and activities brings additional skills and insight, we like to think that we’re never done learning and getting better.

This site builds on ‘’ that we couldn’t baptize the way we liked because of those who reserve domain names without the intention of using them but reselling them at inflated prices. But, this time, our sites’ name reflects its nature, and go figure, the domain name was available!

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