Juan Cavallotti

Keep calm and let the Argentinian guy handle it!

I’m Juan Cavallotti, born in Argentina and current resident of Seattle, Washington, USA. Of course, I love coffee!


Hi, and welcome! I’m excited that you’re here! I am a person of many interests! This is because I love learning, and I also nerd up relatively easy with the things I’m passionate about. This is why many believe I have a natural tendency to want to teach. So that’s why I’m here. I would love to know that what I share here made you as happy as it made me! To me, life is just one, and there are no excuses to not make the most of it with what is available to us!

My Interests

Hiking and Backpacking in Nature

Nature Photography

Cooking and Baking (And Eating!)


Playing Musical Instruments

Business and Investing

Cycling Everyhere

Reading and Writing



Brewing Coffee!

Philosophy and Psychology

Health and Wellness!

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